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This library is for educational purposes only, Shabazz-El Foundation does not take ownership of any of the materials listed below. We want you to wake up your unconscious minds and see this system for what it is.

Blacks Law Dictionary
4th edition 1981

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Black's Law Dictionary
2nd edition 1910

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National Lawyers Guild 2016


Modern Money Mechanics

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Maxim of Commercial Law


Bouvier's Law Dictionary
6th edition 1856 


Religion within the Limits of Bare Reason


Law Maxims


What Is a Birth Certificate


Power of the Postal Service


Federal  Rules of Civil Procedure


Revenue Stamps


Stellar Man


Cracking the Code

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Revoking Fiduciary Relationships


Law Redemption


Purging America of the Matrix


Redemption Manual


How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent


Federal rules of Criminal Procedure


Hidden Secrets of Money